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We provide shelter and food, but our families deserve more than just that. TOGETHER we’re problem solvers, teammates, realistic and committed to the needs of each individual family. Accepting that clients are people, and not situations. Winter Nights is a place for grace and love to flourish. A place for families to get grounded and recover from hardships, we walk by their side TOGETHER. Every step of the way.


The shelter moves every two weeks between the meeting rooms of local faith communities. We provide a warm, bright, inviting environment for families with children. Large tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, bed linens, and towels are supplied.

“The tents offer families privacy. They zip shut and clients can safely keep their personal belongings in the tent when they are out during the day.”


A full home-cooked meal eaten together with staff and volunteers every night. A continental breakfast each weekday morning. Brown bag lunches for weekday lunch at school or work. Weekends hot breakfasts and lunches.

“Case management, tutoring for the kids, and a warm place to stay. And plenty of food! We’ve been here ten days.”

Oasis day shelter

The Oasis day shelter at St. Vincent de Paul, provides respite for families with young children during the day. Guests have access to computers so they can conduct job searches and get in touch with physicians, teachers and case managers.

“The people at Winter Nights are welcoming, loving and friendly – you guys are really concerned about us.”


Personalized Care

Each family comes to us with unique needs, some with just the clothes on their backs. Winter Nights will provide newly purchased or donated clothes/shoes.  If a family needs a stroller, a car seat, or has dietary needs, Winter Nights meet these.

“We couldn’t have been luckier with staff, church people, the churches-they were all wonderful.”


Our shelter van takes kids to school and parents to work. For our most vulnerable clients, who do not have transport it is their lifeline to get to appointments necessary for them to move forward.


“This gives you a chance to get back on your feet, my son wants to stay in school now.”

Traveling Tutors

A dedicated team of experienced volunteer tutors works with kids to maintain their academic momentum during their time at the shelter. The same tutor works with each child because continuity is vital. Tutors also work with parents and teachers to support a child’s progress.

“The tutoring has helped my son, and encouraged him to read more. And the reading teaches sharing, like my son reading to the baby.”

Reading Goals

Points are earned by children for time spent reading. Too young to read? A volunteer will read to them. Each 20 points equals a movie ticket. Many kids are motivated to take their whole family to the movies.

“…and we got resources for my son’s dyslexia which has been helpful. He has a lot more confidence and is starting to read a lot better, sounds out words now.”

Activities & Celebrations

Celebrations, visits to museums, the exploratorium or the zoo. We encourage activities that foster a love of learning and encourage children and families to explore new things. If a child does well in a school project we celebrate their success together.

“They had a birthday party for our twelve year old daughter and she said, ‘I think this is the biggest party I ever had!”

Life Coaching

A volunteer with a professional background in integral coaching meets with parents individually to focus on issues holding them back and develop untapped strengths and the confidence to use them.

“The life coach was one of the biggest benefits for me. I didn’t have confidence in myself, and that gave me my confidence back.”

Parent Groups

An experienced volunteer meets with interested parents in a lightly structured group where the impact of their circumstances can be aired and support given.

“The Parents Support Group with the poems! I write poetry and it really helped me.”

Employment & Resumes

A volunteer with an extensive HR background helps write resumes and works with each client on available job opportunities.

“I had a resume Jim kept from 7 years before and combined with my experience since then, and made it into a great resume. I’ve gotten lots of interviews and I have a job as a landscaper”.

Continued Success Program

Winter Nights Continued Success Program is  for families after they have left the shelter. We want to provide simple follow-up to see how they are doing, listen and share in their continued success, and offer resources to head off potential problems that might cause them to lose their housing again.

Parking Lot Program

Supervised, overnight parking at a lot in East County. Breakfast and access to restrooms are provided. A dedicated member of staff stays at the location from 8:30pm-7am. Clients are also able to use The Oasis day shelter.

“I have a lot of love I haven’t felt in a long time, and it’s coming from strangers. Now all the puzzle pieces are coming together.”

We’re Here to Help

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