Helping Families Home


It is because of wonderful supporters like you, that we have the opportunity to serve homeless families. Because of you, shelter children receive tutoring. Because of you, parents set goals and remove obstacles to finding a home. Because of you, families have access to financial help when moving into housing.

This season, with your help, children will be sheltered, fed, tutored and cared for. Families will be supported on their journey to becoming stably housed.


Pays for diapers, wipes, or an umbrella stroller.


Pays for gas and Clipper cards for working parents.


Pays for part of a family’s overdue rent, keeping them housed.


Winter Nights is able to provide homeless families with a balance of compassion, discipline and wrap around support to meet their unique situation and help them find their way home.


A working mom, a veteran dad and their four children, living in their van, found Winter Nights Safe Park Program, where they had access to restrooms, showers, breakfast and support services. They moved into the shelter, when space was available, where volunteers provided meals and the children thrived in the tutor program, two made the honor roll. This story has a happy ending: the family found stable housing, have a steady income and a plan for the future.


Winter Nights has expanded its support to include the Continued Success program. We now provide follow-up to families from previous seasons to check in and see how they are doing. It is a time to listen, to offer encouragement and celebrate their success. It can also be a time to offer advice, provide contacts or other resources to address situations that might lead to them to lose their housing again. 


The Continued Success program was able to help a family of four, who was with us last season, keep their apartment. Both parents were working, but due to issues centered around Covid-19 they lost their jobs. Their rent was overdue, and so was a utility bill. An official “Three-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Move Out” arrived the very day that they were contacted by Continued Success staff.  The parents got new jobs, and Winter Nights provided the funds to pay back the rent and a little extra to give them some breathing room. They are so grateful!

Donate Monthly and Help Families All Year Long

This season it will cost $1,620 to fund one winter night of shelter,

Safe Parking and services for couples, individuals, and homeless parents with children.

A monthly gift of $135 a month funds

One Winter Night

Reasons to join our monthly donor program

Fits Your Budget
You can set your donation schedule, monthly, quarterly, or weekly, invest in what makes sense to you, and make an incredible impact over the course of your membership.

Sustained Support
Recurring giving allows us to plan for the future, expand our programs and invest in specific areas of work

Join a Community
You join a community of donors, dedicated and committed to making a difference to the lives of families in Contra Costa.